Trademark Price
Taiwan Trademark Application:
There are divided into two steps of trademark (in one class) in Taiwan: 
  1. The first step is application fee USD$ 250
  2. The second step is registration fee USD$ 200.(In case of positive results of examination, the trademark will be registered, we will notify the applicant, who need paying a registration fee)

China trademark:

    China trademark application feeis USD$150 for each class.

Hong Kong trademark:

    Hong Kong trademark application fee is USD$550 for each class in total.

Macau trademark:

    Macau trademark application fee is USD$625 for each class in total.

Japan trademark:

 Japan trademark application fee is USD$730 for each class,registration fee is USD$695(10y);USD$625(5y).

Korea trademark:

    Korea trademark application fee is USD$520 for each class,registration fee is USD$560.

Singapore trademark:

    Singapore trademark application fee is USD$870 for each class.

Malaysia trademark:

    Malaysia trademark application fee is USD$590for each class,registration fee is USD$590.

Indonesia trademark:

    Indonesia trademark application fee is USD$870for each class,registration fee is USD$910.

Vietnam trademark:

    Vietnam trademark application fee is USD$590for each class,registration fee is USD$175(6 goods)

Cambodia trademark:

    Cambodia trademark application fee is USD$1005for each class,registration fee is USD$210.

*Please be informed that the above fees are include official fees, not include the cost of refusal.

*Please add USD40 bank charges for each transmission (irrespective of the amount transmitted)