Company Profile
  • Vision Department is in conjunction with the Patent and Trademark Office and Accounting Office, and another intangible asset appraisal services. The director of our office has the patent license and the license of accountant. It is rare in industry as having two licenses. Having accountants license in intangible asset appraisal is more professional, objective, impartial and accurate assessment of the value of intangible assets special; the lawyer as adviser Wu Zhan-Xu lawyers and patent attorneys have, for customers to do more perfect, professional services.
  • The firm has a quality team consisting of executives and professionals with many years of experience, as well as specialized engineers in the fields of electronic, mechanical, chemistry, biotechnology, etc..  With expertise in the industry that we have chosen and rigorous working attitude, we treat each case from our clients as in strictest confidence.  By providing structured professional training to each employee, we impart the skills and knowledge that could add real value to our team and thus enhance our capabilities to provide comprehensive patent, trademark and accounting services. 
  • We serve a diverse client base around Taiwan, the U.S., Japan, Mainland China, and the Europe.  Many listed companies have entrusted their trademark, patent and accounting matters to us.  Working closely with lawyers, IP agents and accountants from around the world, and headquartered in Taipei, we are now seeking further expansion in the Mainland such as Beijing, Guangzhou etc. with a more extensive service network.  With wide coverage, high efficiency, competitive price and superior services, we are highly regarded as a trustworthy patent, trademark and accounting firm by our clients who reward us with more opportunities to help them meet their interests.