Business Area


Intellectual Property Rights

  • Preliminary research of various domestic trademarks in English and Chinese;

  • Handling domestic and foreign trademark applications;

  • Handling the license, change and transfer of domestic and foreign trademarks;

  • Domestic and foreign trademarks consultancy;

  • Cancellation of domestic counterfeit trademarks and patents litigation;

  • Taiwan Patent Gazette inspection;

  • Application for domestic and foreign patents;

  • Hanlding the license, change and transfer of domestic and foreign patents;

  • Domestic and foreign patents consultancy; and

  • Domestic and foreign patent appraisal, cancellation, anti-counterfeiting, and litigation.


  • Financial statements review, quarterly finantial statement review and forecast;

  • Annual report review, accounting system evaluation and suggestion;

  • Company incorporation, registration of changes, merger, and dissolution;

  • Factory registration, special industry franchise application;

  • Profitable enterprise income tax return and audit;

  • To assist in tax relief and the handling of administrative remedy;

  • Personal financial and tax planning; and

  • Analysis and enquiry of tax law, tax planning, company law and relevant laws and regulations in relation to business registration.


Intangible Assets Valuation

  • Patent, copyright, trademark right, patent technology, goodwill and other intangible assets valuation;

  • Trademark, patent, intellectual property rights valuation for the Company and the Bank;

  • Evaluation of trademark, technology and patent as a shareholder investment;

  • Company stock value evaluation;

  • Trademark, patent, copyright, licensing royalties, and equity valuation;

  • Assessment of the value of other intellectual property rights, and

  • Corporation intellectual property consultation.