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The required documents for filing a trademark application:
-Application specifying the name and address of the applicant; 
-A specimen of the mark ;
-The class of the designated goods/services and the names of the goods/services; 
-Clear trademark representations; 
-In case a trademark agent is appointed, the Power of Attorney (if in a foreign language, a Chinese translation is required). The POA must be signed or sealed. 

Trademark Application Process

In filing a trademark application, the application shall be accompanied by the above documentations. The procedures for examining a trademark application differ from a general application filed by the public and are more complicated. In addition to examining the designated goods, a search of the representations of prior registered trademarks and the examination on whether the trademark has any unregistrable conditions must be carried out. 
After the examination is completed and the application has been accepted for registration, the Registrar will issue a notification requesting payment of the registration fee.
The application will be published in the Trademark Gazette. If no objections are filed within 90 days after publication, registration will be granted dated as of the day on which the application was filed. Then the certificate of trademark registration will be issued.
The protection period is ten years from the filing date. A renewal application can be filed within 90 days before the expiration for an additional period of ten years from the date of expiration of the original registration, or from the date of the last renewal of registration.